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The Data Governance in Africa Initiative, a 3.5-year program, aims to foster a development-oriented and human-centric data economy and society in Africa. Part of a broader strategic partnership between the African Union and European Union on Digital Cooperation, it’s a key component of the Joint AU-EU Vision for sustainable economic growth.

Funded jointly by the European Union, Germany, and Finland, with additional expertise and contributions from Belgium, Estonia, and France through their development agencies (Enabel, ESTDEV, & Expertise France), the initiative unites the African Union, the European Union, and five European Member States to achieve the following three objectives:

Data policy and regulation

  • Enhanced Harmonization and Monitoring: We strengthen mechanisms to harmonize and monitor the progress of data strategies, policies, and regulations at both continental and regional levels.
  • Robust Data Governance Instruments: We develop or update strong, comprehensive, and harmonized data governance instruments to ensure effective management and utilization of data resources.
  • Empowered Stakeholders: We build the capacity of regional and national stakeholders, enabling them to independently develop, adopt, oversee, and monitor the progress of data governance frameworks.

Data value creation and cross border data flows

  • Cross-Border Data Flows: We facilitate seamless cross-border data flows and enhance the utilization of data, fostering collaboration and innovation across regions.
  • Innovative Regulatory Approaches: We develop and test innovative regulatory approaches to improve data use and sharing, ensuring compliance and maximizing the benefits of data-driven initiatives.
  • Capacity Building for Data-Driven Innovations: We enhance the capacity of multiple stakeholders to scale up data-driven Digital Social Innovations (DSIs), empowering them to access, analyze, and utilize data effectively for value creation and societal impact.

Data Infrastructure facility

  • Improving Investment Environment: Enhancing the enabling environment for investments in African data infrastructure to stimulate economic growth and innovation.
  • Identifying Investment Opportunities: Identifying investment opportunities for green and secure data infrastructure projects in priority regions to drive sustainable development and resilience.
  • Facilitating Financing: Facilitating the acceptance of bankable investment opportunities for green and secure data infrastructure projects by financiers, fostering partnerships and catalyzing investment flows for impactful projects.