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The Act on HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd (944/2009) regulates our role as a state-owned stakeholder unit, i.e. in-house operator. The company is part of the Ministry of Finance’s administration which also holds the responsibility for the company’s corporate governance.


Our duties are to provide training and development services and business matters related to these areas. We support the central government in bettering development, training and leadership.


Our customers are central government personnel, agencies and offices as well as state enterprises. National Parliament and units operating under it are part of our clientele as well. In addition, our customers may include the administration of the European Union and the Member States in projects concerning intergovernmental development cooperation, as well as the intergovernmental organizations in which Finland is a member.

Topical issues


HAUS supporting European Union candidate countries’ democratic development 

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Learning and new insights from exporting good governance

Learning occurs in various ways, even when working for different government branches. An exciting and multi-faceted alternative to learning and developing your own competence is taking part in international cooperation. EU has created a unique instrument, EU Twinning, for capacity and institution building targeted at public administrations. The goal of Twinning is to spread civil servant skills and good governance worldwide.

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Seamless collaboration in international projects

HAUS takes care of an international project’s red tape for the Tax Administration. The project in question is the DG REFORM Structural Reform Support Programme, in which the Finnish Tax Administration supports Cyprus in the implementation of ready-made taxation software for its tax authority

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