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Procurement calendar

When Finnish Institute of Public Management uses development cooperation appropriations to purchase services, the procurement is put out to tender in accordance with the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts (1397/2016) ( Purchases below the threshold value are carried out in accordance with HAUS’s internal small procurement guidelines.  

Procurement of services, for which development cooperation funds are used, are also tendered in accordance with the Act on Public Procurement and Right-of-Use Agreements (1397/2016). In connection with intergovernmental agreements, when the procurements are made in a partner country, the parties can agree on the applicable legislation of that country to be followed in the bidding process.  

Procurements that exceed the national threshold value are announced in the Hilma service for public procurement in the manner laid down in the Act. is the official service for notices on public procurement in Finland. Public buyers publish notices on upcoming and ongoing tendering procedures and as well on the results of procedures.

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The procurement calendar provides preliminary information of future purchases and the information of the ongoing procurements. 

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More information on different procurement procedures can be found, for example, in the Public Procurement Handbook (2023) which describes the different stages and execution of the tender. 

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