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Participatory Democracy, Open Governance & Efficient eGovernment Services (PADOS), 01/2015-05/2016

Enhance the transparency and openness of the decision-making and governance in six EaP countries and thus support democratic governance. The programme was divided into three operation components:

Component I: Participation, e-Democracy, Open Governance
Introduced new tools and methods for strengthening citizens’ participation, bottom-up innovation processes, open governance structures and fora and applications of new information technology to support of these.

Component II: e-Governance, Cyber Security, Data Protection.
Supported EaP countries in the process of applying information technology and developing eGovernance/eGovernment services, paying sufficient attention to cyber security issues and data protection matters by adopting best practice models from EU countries.

Component III: Public Management Reform and New Leadership in Complex Environment
Helped EaP countries to accelerate Public Management Reforms and Open Governance in EaP countries by capacity building activities, exchanging good practices, organizing seminars and mutual learning platforms and piloting new innovative models and approaches.