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HAUS – a state-owned company, a stakeholder unit within the administration

HAUS is a 100 % state-owned company, and HAUS reports to the Ministry of Finance. HAUS is a stakeholder unit within the public administration. Over the years, HAUS has successfully gone through many development phases, from a state budget-funded agency to a state-owned limited company.

According to the Law on HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management, HAUS has a specific role as a strategic partner of the Government in planning and implementing the state personnel policy, public administration reforms, training of civil servants, HRM, and organisational development of the ministries and other state agencies.

A full-service training institute

HAUS is a full-service training institute. The HAUS curriculum covers the state administration, both vertically and horizontally. HAUS organizes open and tailor-made training programmes and courses, as well as coaching, consulting and career development services for ministries and other state agencies.

HAUS runs than 300 training events a year, with a total of 10,000 participants. HAUS has excellent experience and a very good reputation in conducting training needs assessments and operationalizing them into practical solutions meeting the needs of the customer. HAUS runs a pool of more than 500 external trainers and experts.

Future vision: centre for digitalized learning

HAUS is a pioneer in developing e-learning solutions for adult education and training. The vision of the Finnish Government is that HAUS will be the centre for digitalized learning within the government. A new e-learning environment eOppiva has been established to serve the state administration. Training programmes on various topics have been developed within the platform. The production process is unique and involves the civil servants’ contribution on their own field of expertise.

Active in various networks

HAUS represents Finland in the EU’s DISPA (Directors of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration) network. HAUS is also an associate member of NISPAcee (the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe), and a member of both IIAS (the International Institute of Administrative Sciences) and IASIA the (International Association of Schools and Institutes of Administration).