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Vocational qualifications

Vocational and specialist vocational qualification training is offered by the HAUS education unit, the HAUS College.

The qualifications are official vocational qualifications recognised by the Finnish National Agency for Education and the Finnish education system. The degrees are demonstration-based. Competence demonstrations are work tasks performed by the learner at the learner’s place of work. After a successful competence demonstration and assessment, HAUS College grants the qualification.

At the beginning of the qualification training, a personal learning plan is created for each learner in collaboration with the learner’s supervisor at work and a representative of HAUS College. The plan is a tool for tracking what types of training and work-based learning is needed to achieve the level of skill specified in the qualification requirements. Based on the study modules selected, the plan also includes a list of competence demonstrations required from the learner.

Vocational qualification in business

HAUS offers a training programme aiming for the vocational qualification in business for employees working in information and document management. The programme is intended for individuals working in document and information management roles in their organisation – in information services, registries and archives, for example – or perform these tasks as part of their work.

In this case, the study programme includes the general business study module and additional modules focusing on electronic records classification and management and the management of electronic documents.

As a voluntary study module, the learner chooses one of the following: the management of analogue materials, planning of electronic records classification and management, induction and guidance to work, or project management.

Specialist vocational qualification in business

HAUS College’s specialist vocational qualification in business focuses on the management of human resources and financial administration. The general study module focuses on the planning and execution of business operations within the learner’s sphere of responsibility. Further optional study modules are available for all competence fields.

Specialist vocational qualification in business management and administration

The specialist vocational qualification in business management and administration is intended for everyone working as the director of a unit or in a unit-level managerial position.  You are in charge of the planning and execution of the operations of the unit, and have responsibility for its finances. The qualification program consists of a general study module on business management and administration, and one optional study module.


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