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Call for applications to Finnish Organizations:  Secondment of Experts to Météo Maroc, Morocco, and Zambia Meteorology Department (ZMD)

ADGT secondment is an instrument of technical assistance whereby Finnish experts offer technical support to the needs of digital development in public host organisations of African countries. Secondments last maximum of 6 months and are completed before the end of 2024. Expenses of the secondments are covered by the ADGT programme that is implemented by HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management and funded by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA).

HAUS is looking for Finnish organisations with relevant expertise to participate in two short-term expert secondments to i) Météo Maroc, Morocco, and ii) Zambia Meteorology Department (ZMD) under the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment, Zambia. The secondments are prepared in collaboration with MFA and the Embassies of Finland in Lusaka and Rabat.

Shared main goal of the secondments is to provide technical support in digital data management for the purposes of meteorology and to support networking of the host organisation with Finnish meteorological expert organisations. In addition, the secondments have following specific objectives:

Secondment to Météo Maroc:

  • Assess methods of digital data management, including collection, storage, analysis, and visualisation.
  • Provide Météo Maroc with long-term recommendations on improving digital data management, especially concerning large datasets, to increase accuracy of weather and marine forecasting and early warning capabilities.
  • Support building of local capacities to manage data, improving the accuracy of weather and marine forecasting and tracking of long-term climate trends.

Secondment to ZMD:

  • Ensure development of more accurate and reliable forecasting in cooperation with ZMD staff, especially early warning capabilities and aviation weather services.
  • Support development of methods of digital data management, including collection, storage, and analysis.
  • Build capabilities of ZMD staff to independently deploy the developed methods of data management for forecasting purposes.
  • Assess developmental needs of existing infrastructure, identify potential sources of funding, and introduce potential solutions for development of the infrastructure for the daily purposes of ZMD.

Qualifications: The organisation and their expert shall have experience and suitable qualifications to independently provide capacity building support in line with the objectives above. The decision on the most qualified applications is made by HAUS in cooperation with MFA Finland.

Please submit your application to the Open Call for Experts of the ADGT programme on Wednesday 15 May 2024 at the latest. Applications are reviewed as they arrive.

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