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Team Europe Initiatives

What are Team Europe

Team Europe Initiatives (TEIs) are a concerted effort of the European Commission and EU Member States to partner with non-EU countries for advancing global development. HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management is responsible for the planning and implementation of Finnish contributions to Team Europe Initiatives in the field of digital development.

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Africa is a key continent for the initiatives. Digitalisation is being harnessed for sustainable growth by the African Union to increase connectivity, strengthen cybersecurity and harmonize digital policies. This creates an increasing demand for digital solutions throughout the continent.




The EU is stepping up to pursue €150 billion of investment in sustainable growth across Africa. By scaling businesses and creating a supportive ecosystem for digital innovation, increased investments will consolidate the Africa–EU partnership in green and digital transition. HAUS offers practical means for Finnish companies and other interested organisations to gain foothold in this partnership.

Data Governance in Africa Initiative

Data Governance is a Team Europe Initiative launched by the EU Commission, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, and Germany and implemented in cooperation with African Union. €60 million is reserved for implementation that started in January 2023 and will continue until July 2026. Geographically, Data Governance concerns the entire African continent.

Activities in the Data Governance Initiative


1. Data Use Cases & Cross Border Flows

Activities under this objective contribute to bring the benefits of data to citizens and SMEs by developing cross-border data use cases with high social and economic impact.

Data Governance delivers financial support and capacity building for Digital Social Innovations (DSI)  – data-driven services and products that advance social objectives, e.g. contribute to bridging gender, rural/urban, connectivity and other gaps. The goal is to scale up these innovations originating from private and public sectors. Simultaneously, coordination of national institutions, CSOs and private sector entities is strengthened to enhance inclusive cross-border data use cases.

An Open Call for Proposals for non-profit organisations is open, sourcing feasible projects for support. Call for private sector is going to be published in June. Access the Call here.


Call for Tender: Defining and Measuring the Sustainable Economic and Social Value of Data in Africa

As part of Data Governance in Africa Initiative, GIZ has opened a Call for Tender to conduct a study that will present a novel methodology for measuring the socioeconomic value of data in the context of countries in Africa. The study seeks to provide a framework to understand both the opportunities and risks in the data economy, with the aim of providing insights that can guide policymaking and investment strategies. Read more and apply on GIZ Tender Platform.





2. Digital Investment Facility

Data Governance is creating a service model (Digital Investment Facility, DIF) to support the advancement of green digital infrastructure proposals towards bankable projects and linking them with finance institutions both in Europe and Africa


3. Data Policies & Regulation

Data Governance supports development of governance for secure and green data economies. Activities focus on support for data strategies, harmonisation of governance instruments and strengthening of coordination. Capacity of national and regional stakeholders is enhanced to support independent development and monitoring of data governance frameworks.

HAUS opening pathways to the digital
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