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Visiting Finnish State Authorities

Are you interested in how the Finnish government or some of its branches function? HAUS specializes in organizing visits to the Finnish state government and public administration. The visit programmes are always tailor-made corresponding to the customers’ needs. The topics may include insights into Finnish public administration, public sector reforms or any other matter relating to public administration. We are experienced in drafting programmes to familiarize foreign governments and participants with Finnish public administration, good governance, e-Governance, digitalization.

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Prime Ministers Office

Glances to Public Governance

Finland has been ranked high in international country comparisons. Comparisons have rated us, for example, as the happiest country in the world, the country with the most human capital and the country with the highest level of human wellbeing.

In this Glances at Public Governance in Finland presentation, we take a look at the characteristics and guiding principles of Finnish public governance. Is there any link between Finnish public governance and Finland’s success in international comparisons? What are we doing in the development of Finnish public governance to support human wellbeing and to build trust?

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