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Expert mobility

Expert exchanges and transfers are efficient way to operationalise the cooperation between public sectors globally. The expertise for the development services, insitution cooperation and peer-to-peer support are provided from the public sector organisations in both Finland and cooperation countries.

HAUS runs a pool of experts, consultants, lecturers and trainers. Our expert mobility include short-term and long-term expert missions in cooperation and beneficiary countries. Taking part in international cooperation is an exciting and multi-faceted alternative to learning and developing your own competence.

We are constantly looking for new partners and experts to participate in international cooperation projects in different administrative branches. Experience in public administration should be at least three years and preferably previous experience of international cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact our team if interested in taking part in our international projects!

Spread of public sector expertise

Public sector expertise is needed to develop stronger good governance in EU Member States, EU neighborhood countries and in other cooperation countries. Effecient institutions and effective public administrations are based on governance expertise.

Technical assistance mobilise experts for knowledge and experience sharing. Our expertise mobilisation include expertise areas widely, for example justice, home affairs, digitalisation, human resources management and public administration.