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Digital transformation

Through digital facilitation, we implement functional meetings, better meetings, meaningful collaboration and commitment to common goals. Facilitation is a tool for supporting team operations and management, making teamwork smooth and goal oriented.

We at HAUS provide our facilitation expertise to the use of our clients. We offer facilitation services and trainings in digital facilitation and hybrid use, for example, facilitating larger live workshops.

Why do we need facilitation?

Facilitation refers to goal-oriented group work guidance in situations such as meetings and workshops in a way that every participant actively and equally participates in the work.

In facilitation, the center of attention may not be in the content. The key is to safeguard the group’s operating conditions and the fact that the group itself achieves its objectives. Facilitation can also distinguish between the process and content of a meeting.

  • Content = Ideas, suggestions and decisions of the meeting
  • Process = how people cooperate

The facilitator is not a ‘chairman’ or a ‘project manager’ in a working situation but helps people to do it themselves. In facilitative work, a group of experts work together to do meaningful things. We did it ourselves -thinking is at the heart of facilitation. The facilitator allows other participants to focus on content in peace.

Facilitator guides participants to

  • define their goals
  • brainstorm solutions
  • structure jointly produced material
  • evaluate the outcome of the project

Digital facilitation and hybrid facilitation

A variety of digital tools and methods can be used in facitlitation, such as workshop supportive Miro-Platform and Google’s work platforms to help work with documents. The principles for choosing tools are their ease of use and compatibility with different user interfaces.

We often carry out eLearning and service design projects using facilitated discussion. Similarly, in many long training programs, we use different methods and tools of facilitation.

We also offer support to following questions

  • How to increase interaction and participation in digital executions?
  • How to create psychological safety and creativity remotely?
  • How to successfully facilitate hybrid events and workshops?

Ask our experts

Ask us if facilitation could support one of your development projects or work community activities.


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