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Efficient work in the public sector

We strive to develop people-centered, efficient, and meaningful work.

Service design

Service design helps you make meaningful decisions for people whose lives are associated with your service or project. Design thinking improve work and helps all its participants to engage with common goals. 

What is service design? 

Service design is a way of thinking and doing things to make services, products, and organizations more people-oriented. We help you use design process and design methods to find concrete solutions for your development. 

Service design is based on a comprehensive understanding of the needs of people whose lives are affected by the challenge to be solved. Service design is therefore, in principle, user-oriented, customer-oriented, and people-oriented. Projects always start from problem-solving and target group mapping: together, we brighten up the challenge that the design process aims to solve. 

Benefits of service design in the public sector 

Service design has been used in many ways in the public sector, and several successful service design projects have been carried out both in the state and elsewhere in public administration.  

The benefits of service design are very similar regardless of industry or administrative branch. Its benefits include: 

  • The increased understanding of people, stakeholders and target groups  
  • More meaningful solutions for end-users and customers  
  • Bettering of customer and employee experience 
  • Making better decisions
  • Concrete understanding of abstract issues 
  • Helps to prioritize work and to keep focus on relevant issues 
  • Things are getting done! 
  • Lowering and diminishing the obstacles in cooperation  
  • Engagement and creating connections 
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