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Quality and Common Assessment Framework

Common assessment framework (CAF) is a tool specifically to develop public organizations in long-term.  

CAF is a self-assessment model to provide an overall picture of the organization’s activities and development needs. CAF -model is a tool specifically to develop public organizations in long term. It provides a versatile picture of the organization’s operations now and maps out future-leading development needs. CAF is also possible to use as a management system. Developed to European public administration’s needs, CAF is free of charge and available to everyone. 

Do you know what CAF is? 

The CAF model assesses both the operating methods and the results obtained through the operations. The assessment shall be carried out as a self-assessment. Clear guidance and a handy electronic survey tool are available for evaluation. Based on the results, a discussion for seeking a consensus on the current status of assessed area will be held. Most of the time, dialogue at this stage is considered useful in order to develop the organization. Self-assessment provides organizations’ strengths and areas needing development. Thus, CAF is also a great management tool and can also be used as a management system. 

After self-assessment, it is also possible to apply for an external evaluation, and after it has passed it, you will receive Marvelous CAF user -recognition. 

HAUS serves as a national CAF contact point 

HAUS acts as a national CAF contact point and represents Finland in a working group responsible for developing the CAF model and promoting its use at EU level. Information on CAF issues take place in CAFfila, which is a national network platform and learning platform for those working in public administration and the third sector, as well as those interested in quality and development. 

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