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African-Finnish Partnerships on Taxation Capacity in Africa

African-Finnish Partnerships on Taxation Capacity in Africa, 2022-2025

Key objectives

  • Understanding on best practices of taxation policy and its implementation for improved domestic resource mobilisation (DRM) is enhanced
  • Knowledge on taxation and illicit financial flows (IFFs) in the African context is increased and African research capacities on taxation and IFFs is strengthened through enhanced partnerships
  • Increased organisational capacity and tools for capacity building in tax related issues, especially through leadership, digital learning solutions and an improved external communication and advocacy processes

Impact statement

Strengthened capacity of selected Pan-African governments and pan-African organisations to increase domestic resource mobilisation through informed policy-making.

The rationale for launching the African-Finnish Partnerships on Taxation Capacity in Africa Programme (AFP-TCA) stems from Finland’s Taxation for Development Action Programme. The Programme aims at supporting domestic resource mobilisation and thus contributes to the Action Programme’s two of the three main pillars: “to strengthen the taxation capacity of developing countries” and “to strengthen the position of developing countries in the global tax policy and ensure that the perspectives of developing countries will be better taken into consideration in the international tax policy”. This goal is the rationale for supporting taxation policy design by increasing research, training and education on taxation.

Key stakeholders

Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, VATT Institute for Economic Research, African Capacity Building Foundation

Key experts

HAUS Helsinki:

  • Kirsi Aaltola (Director of Development Services)
  • Kati Tanninen (Project Lead)
  • Kimi Koponen (Finance Officer)
  • Sofia Kankama (Project Coordinator)

MFA Helsinki:

  • Melissa Säilä

VATT Helsinki:

  • Elina Berghäll
  • Seppo Kari

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