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International Negotiations

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This highly practical, applied and experiential seminar which will deepen and broaden the skill sets of Finnish civil servants involved in international meeting/conferences/negotiations. Aimed at experienced participants who will (re)discover and appreciate the full potential of their involvement in unique and fundamental decision-making environments by finetuning strategic concepts and fine-tune personal negotiation skills. Above all, emphasis is placed on applied skills and practical meeting analysis capabilities to bring about an improvement in real-world negotiation effectiveness while promoting efficient process management.

It is a realistic “learning by doing” applied programme, designed to be progressive in terms of difficulty and comprehensive in terms of various negotiating situations relevant to bilateral, multiparty, formal-informal configurations. The teaching methodology uses a mix of short presentations, realistic negotiation simulation exercises followed by in-depth personalised debriefings. Video recording and analysis are central to this training activity.


2 päivää


26.09.2022 09.00


27.09.2022 17.00


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890 € + alv 24 %

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Lataa koulutusohjelma:

DAY 1: September 26th

09.00 Introduction & Expectations
Fine-tuning the concept of “negotiation” and its dynamic components

10.45 International Negotiation 1: Complex bilateral negotiations
Workshop: Bilateral simulation exercise (video recorded)
• Introduction to the simulation
• Defining a preparation methodology: flight-plans and styles for informal and formal meetings
• Small-team negotiations (video recorded) (Participants are divided into teams of 3-4 per side : 8-15 participants produce 2-3 parallel negotiations)

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30 Debriefing 1: Discussion & analysis
• Strategies and tactics, preparation versus outcomes, priorities and efficiency, power of time, alternatives and resources
• Conditions for “negotiation” rather than “meetings”
• Interests and positions, demands and concessions
• Identify personal behaviours and tactics
• Confidence-building measures (1) for the real-world
• Identify and respect the “culture” of one’s own group
•Dovetailing process management, skills and outcomes

Debriefing 2: Personalised video analysis with personalized debriefing and feedback
• Practical realities: seeing one’s self “in action” is believing
• Efficiency and quality communication for negotiators (beyond presentation skills)
• Delegation management and role distribution (within and outside the room)
• Minimising the negotiator’s vulnerability: a survival kit

17.00 Close of Day

DAY 2: September 27th

09.00 International Negotiation 2: Finetuning Negotiation Skills for Multiparty Meetings

• Preparation finetuned: coalitions and critical mass
• Mastering informal negotiation and “smart” lobbying
• Operationalising a negotiation strategy in practice

Workshop: International mediation simulation exercise (video recorded)
• Doing a deal: from strategic concept to implementing tactics
• Chairing (and being chaired)
• Leveraging time, conflict levels, “power” and constraints
• Quality communication in “conflictual” situations
• Balancing context, objectives, values-costs, “history”, political acumen, technical expertise, and hidden agendas
• Reading negotiations like a tracker in the bush
• Reducing complexity of multiples (substance, actors, roles, etc.)
• End-games (who gets what)

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30 Simulation continued

14.30 Debriefing 1: Discussion & analysis
• Trust and confidence-building measures (2)
• Truly understanding others’ priorities
• Escaping pitfalls and traps
• Assumptions and respect

Debriefing 2: Personalised video analysis, personalized debriefing & feedback
• The best and the rest
• Meeting formats and conflictual relations
• Understanding interests from positions, flexibility and signals
• Repairing the inevitable mistakes
• Human dimension: relations & emotions (in practice)
• Stress-testing: implementation potential as a measure of success
• Cataloguing all the negotiations skills you need and offering life-long learning and self-help strategies

17.00 Evaluation and end of the Seminar

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