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Effective Report Writing

In this two-day session, participants will learn how to successfully write reports which are actually useful for their hierarchy. The training is addressed to “practitioners” and therefore interactive and real-world-focused with a mix of short presentations and group work. 

CENAD seminars focus on preparing professionals to function effectively in the proverbial “real world”: this training is therefore by nature highly practical and interactive. Realistic exercises, cases and simulations are the vehicles to practice: each participant gets customised and personalised attention and feedback. 

Senior management usually has the responsibility of deciding, and these decisions may have a lasting impact. Therefore, the quality, wisdom and appropriateness of such decisions depend on the quality, appropriateness, integrity, and processing of information prepared by others. Report-writing may serve different purposes: to document a statement or an event for the archives, to summarize for the press and the media, to analyse and interpret a situation for colleagues and superiors, or even to justify activities (and the related expenses) the report-writer has been involved in. High-quality reporting serves to guide politicians and decision-makers towards solid, actual and reliable decisions. 


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2 days


31.8.2023 9.00


01.9.2023 17.00


890 e + 24 % alv  

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DAY 1: 


  • Opening of the seminar and introduction to the programme 
    Seminar Session I: “The Sherpa‘s Job” 
  •  Exercise 1: “Briefing the Boss”
    Working under time pressure to condense contents into bullet points 
  • Debriefing Exercise 1 
    Participants will present their bullet point lists to peer-group review
  • Summary comment “Do’s and Don‘ts in Report Writing” 




  • Seminar Session II: “His/Her Master’s Brain” 
    Towards a report writing checklist (1) 
  • Cultural and Hierarchical Aspects of Communication 
    Communication in English as a foreign language 


  • Close of the day 


DAY 2: 


  • Seminar session III: “Content and Context” 
    Situation analysis of a “Video Case”: participants will watch, analyse and discuss a video of a “real-world” negotiation 
  • Debriefing the video case (Group work) 
    Identifying key issues and key terms as found in the video 
  • Specific aspects of “Diplomatic” Communication 


  • Lunch Break 


  • Seminar Session IV: “How to Service the Decision-Makers” 
    Towards a report writing checklist (part 2) 
  • Exercise 2: “Guidelines for good report writing” 
    Participants split into groups, are invited to use their personal experience and the seminar’s insights to develop guidelines for writing a good report 


  • Seminar close and evaluation 

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