Ideas and inspirations for trainers in the public sector – offered by Erasmus+ Programme!

Julkaistu Hanna Siira

Within the framework of the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme, the Latvian School of Public Administration (LSPA) in partnership with KSAP – Lech Kaczynski National School of Public Administration in Poland and HAUS – the Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd.,has designed a sample Course for trainer educators and trainers that stimulates innovative and interactive approaches to training and learning in the  public sector.  

The key beneficiaries here are trainer educators in public sector, but the Course and it’s materials are developed to serve as a source of ideas and inspirations for any and all trainers or subject-matter experts training  in the public sector.

The main goal is to provide public-sector trainer educators and trainers ideas and tools that would equip and encourage them to deliver effective, innovative and interactive training sessions.

The course comprises seven Modules. Each module has it’s theoretical input, leading on to practical learning/training activities. Each module can be delivered as a stand alone  seminar.

  1. Effective Trainer – Covering such topics as the different roles of the trainer; trainer competences, assumptions underpinning a trainer’s work; active listening and adult-learning principles
  2. The Planning and Delivery of Training – inter alia encompassing target-audience analysis; the setting of objectives for training and learning; the understanding of macro- and micro-learning, ways of delivering content; interactive learning, learning at the place of work and flipped learning
  3. Desing Thinking for Training – dealing with essentials if training is to be great; the planning of learning using instructional design approaches; design thinking to help about learners and tools used in design thinking (User Profile / Persona the Customer Journey Map)
  4. Interactive Ways of Working with Groups – addressing participatory methods; leadership development, principles for effective group facilitation and Open Space Technology
  5. The Digital Dimension – covering such matters as the understanding of the digital dimension – digital learners, the specifics of planning and delivering digital training and the trainer’s approach.
  6. Role Plays and Games – considering the specifics (and the pros and cons) of using role plays and games in learning – as well as the use of metaphoric cards and the Barnga game
  7. Professional Development and Inspirations – extending to topics like the introduction of WOOP as a self-development strategy; Mastermind Groups, challenges during training and building resilience in difficult situations.

All Course materials are freely accessible online at the websites of three partner organisations and can be used by individuals and institutions to implement the proposed Course Programme, design their own training programme or run a workshop using our Project materials.



Do not hesitate to ask for more information in HAUS from Training Manager Hanna Siira,  tel. +35840 0240969) 

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