Two persons discussing around a table and writing on post-it notes.

Leadership and management

Leadership means the exerting of influence in order to achieve a shared goal. Leadership is required for state bodies to achieve results. Results are achieved when employees of state organisations know what is expected of them and have the preconditions required to complete the tasks, enabling them to focus on what is important. When people feel that their work is meaningful to themselves and those around them, they work with enthusiasm, producing innovations and increasing well-being.

Each organisation needs someone who can identify competence and knows how to bring different competencies together, someone to lead discussions on what problems we are working to solve – and how. A person with the ability to arbitrate in case of different views and, ultimately, to assume responsibility if no decision can be reached together. The leader must also set an example by acting in an ethical manner and taking care of him/herself.

The work of the leader is made all the more challenging by constant change. The leader is required to establish a balance across different time spans and various levels of the organisation: from the day-to-day work to long-term scenarios. Digitalisation of the operative environment calls for flexibility, the ability to predict developments, and the ability to grasp new concepts and phenomena.

While the leader is in charge of his or her organisation, he or she must also be able to keep the shared objectives of public administration in sight. We at HAUS want to help them achieve the results.

For whom?

Leaders, employees in managerial positions and experts of applicable fields. For executive boards, we provide tailored programmes that integrate a variety of different elements, such as operative agility, well-being, coaching, self-assessment and self-knowledge tools, career stories and 360° assessments


To enable the leaders to work for the well-being of the organisation and its personnel, the leaders must know how to take care of themselves. This applies to both the development of personal competence as well as well-being.

As a long-time expert service provider in public administration, we have the ability to provide coaching programmes of varying extents and durations both online and as contact studies. HAUS coaching programs make you part of a peer network of the best leaders in state administration – simply unavailable anywhere else.