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Information leadership

Our information leadership coaching focuses on both managing information and using information in information leadership.  The ability to manage information and leverage it efficiently has become an increasingly important competitive factor also in public administration. As our operative environment becomes increasingly challenging, we need constant situation awareness and the ability to make predictions. Information is needed in day-to-day operations as well as in the development of new information-based services. Information must be semantically compatible as it is acquired, stored and offered for use.

Our training sessions help you improve your own and your organisation’s ability to leverage information and stay in the forefront of development.

Target group is management, developers, designers and experts of public administration.


The logo of Tietokiri project.


HAUS also participates in the #Tietokiri drive aiming to strengthen the culture of information leadership in public administration.

#Tietokiri was born out of a need to make better decisions in a world that is more complex day by day and where the amount of information that needs to be handled increases every moment. Public organisations are responsible for both producing and utilising information that is correct.

We want to be the pioneers of information-based decision-making. The grounds for decisions are firmer when they are based on an analysis of high-quality information from a wide range of sources. The aim of #Tietokiri is to make results of information leadership visible and distribute best practices and tools. The objective is also to aggregate the shared information resources of the state corporation and to provide organisations with analysis and visualisation services.