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Human resources management

The legal basis of employment, contract systems and terms of employment form the traditional foundation underlying the open training programmes provided by HAUS with trainers straight from the Ministry of Finance.

However, the changing roles of HR functions in public administration are also becoming increasingly important in the content of our open training programmes, highlighting the important role of strategic support of management and core functions. This evolution in course content occurs gradually, respecting the full scope of public HR management. Human resource professionals employed by the state will need to fully understand the Civil Servants’ Act, contract systems and terms of employment also in the future.

We offer new training and coaching programmes intended to support the adaptation of new roles in state bodies. We also respond to changes in legislation that have a material impact on HR tasks in public administration, such as the right of appeal in nominations and EU’s new data protection regulations.

Digitalisation of training content, performed in collaboration with HAUS’ eOppiva team, is gradually reflected also in our HR training programs. The update work will start with the qualification programme in human resource administration.

Our traditional theme days explore topical questions and provide the participants with excellent opportunities for networking.

Our open training programmes are also available in the form of tailored training services. Coaching programmes tailored to individual organisations can also be planned entirely around specific HR themes requested by the customer.

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