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The strategic importance of acquisitions for the planning and execution of operations of state organisations increases constantly. Acquisitions are also subject to new expectations, and they are expected to have an impact.

Acquisitions need to be in line with the principles of sustainable development, and to take matters such as employment and other social considerations into account. The planning and organising of acquisitions calls for considerable investments, and acquisition processes need to be streamlined and digitalised.

For the perspective of the administration of state acquisitions, these are good developments that underline the important role of acquisitions in state organisations. However, the changes also call for new competences and new abilities from the contractors.

Our training offering is designed to respond to the challenges posed by these changes. The contents of our trainings are developed constantly in collaboration with our customers and acquisition experts. The trainings focus on topical subjects from a variety of perspectives, offering the participants opportunities for developing and improving their understanding of different aspects of public acquisitions.

Structured according to a learning path model, our offering includes both basic and advanced courses and coaching programmes for exploring the world of acquisitions.