HAUS successfully organizes two weeks of trainings for Polish civil servants


When Covid-19 put an impermanent pause on international traveling and study trips, HAUS International stepped up to the challenge and digitalized two weeks of trainings for Polish civil servants.

During the last two weeks, HAUS International hosted a training in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration KSAP in Poland for Polish civil servants from different administration branches. What was initially supposed to be study trip to Finland turned into a virtual training with a home base studio in Helsinki and participants all over Poland.

Although the program was originally designed for on-site training, it was quickly and innovatively morphed into an interactive on-line execution, which utilized a wide array of virtual tools and our own eOppiva digital learning platform. With these, participation did not mean only passively listening but actively learning and interacting through group work, flipped learning, self-reflection and dialogue. The atmosphere of the training was warm, welcoming and inspiring not least for the Polish participants being very nice, extremely active and ready to dive into in-depth conversations about the topics on hand.

The organized training modules were part of the ”Academy of Management in Public Administration, and international program for improving managerial competences of middle management in public administration” project of the Knowledge Education Programme of KSAP. The participants were high-level executives, mainly head of units and deputy directors of departments.

During the weeks, two separate groups received training from various Finnish experts on themes such as team management, integral self-management, valuable working life skills, tools and procedures and HR innovations while also getting a crash course to Finland and Finnish Public Administration.

The training proved to be a fruitful learning experience for both parties – on the aforementioned themes for the Polish counterparts and on planning and delivering virtual trainings for our HAUS International team. Based on the successful experience, HAUS International can confidentially take on similar international projects and training also in the future.

Our main takeaways from the very intensive weeks are these – carefully and thoroughly planned is (almost) half done and teamwork makes the dream work.