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Trainer Educator Training Course – Erasmus+ Project



This Erasmus+ project is based on the idea of designing a trainer education training course for the training staff in public administration. Yet there are no such training provided and there are no actual guidelines for trainers how to deliver quality training. So this innovative project has surely it’s place. The partners who are cooperating, innovating and exchanging good practices in this project are Ms. Anna Jaron and Mr. Marcin Sakowicz from KSAP (Polish National School of Public Administration), Ms. Ilze Saleniece and Ms. Vita Valdmane from LSPA (Latvian School of Public Administration), Ms. Hanna Siira, Ms. Matleena Nurmiainen and Mr. Jussi Sihvonen from HAUS (Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd). The project coordinator Ms. Jekaterina Romanenko, LSPA joint also the event.

Interesting topics and a good combination of experts

The first event for this group of experts was held at KSAP in Warsaw in April. The main goal of the first event was to define how this training course would be structured, delivered and what would be the responsibilities of each partner. One important aspect was still to get more detailed view into the demands of the project. All the partners had their own topics that they introduced to others during the event. The topics introduced were active listening, facilitation skills, design thinking, participatory methodology, simulation games and e-learning. The partners had interesting and fruitful discussions also on active learning, innovative training techniques and ways with working with groups. All participants had quite different backgrounds; there were professional trainers, academic experts and experts in course management. This was actually a quite good combination when talking about planning and delivering a training course.

Effective group work

In the end of these three days and after a very good and effective group work the partners decided seven most important topics that the training course will consist. The topics and responsibilities are as below:

1.    Digital dimension in Training / HAUS
2.    Design Thinking / LSPA
3.    Role Plays and Simulation Games / LSPA
4.    Interactive Ways of Working with Groups / KSAP
5.    Effective Trainer / LSPA
6.    Planning and Delivering the Training / HAUS, KSAP
7.    Professional Development and Inspirations / HAUS, KSAP

The next short joint staff event will be held in Helsinki in October 2018. By then the partners have been working with their own topics and some of these will be introduced in Helsinki. Digital learning and design thinking will be strongly included in the program.


Photo: Ms. Karolina Sawicka