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Consultant to Develop Business Plan for African Capacity Building Academy

We are currently looking for a consultant to develop a Business Plan for African Capacity Building Academy.

1. Background

The African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) is the leading institution for capacity development in Africa. It has a membership of 40 African countries as well as the African Development Bank (AfDB), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank.

ACBF’s focus is on human capital development and institution building to address current and future development challenges. While it provides services to all sectors; public, private, civil society and academia, to name a few, ACBF pays attention to improving the effectiveness of Africa’s public sector institutions at country, regional and continental levels to become effective systems’ integrators and catalyzers of sustainable and transformative change.

The Foundation was established in 1991 to address Africa’s severe capacity gaps. Since inception ACBF has gained a robust track record which solidifies its position as the premier partner for capacity development on the continent. The Foundation contributes to Africa’s development process through human capital development, institution building and knowledge sharing.

The Foundation has launched a new five-year Strategic Plan (2023-2027). This plan will focus on human capacity development and institution building in four impact areas, which are Climate Change & Green Energy for productive use, Agribusiness & Food Sovereignty, Trade as an engine for economic development and Economic & Social Governance.

2. About the ACB Academy

As ACBF enters a new era and adjusts to the fast-changing development landscape of the continent brought about by the evolving needs of beneficiaries, partners, and stakeholders, the Foundation has come up with a new Business model.

Specifically, for human capital development, ACBF aims to launch the African Capacity Building Academy (ACB Academy) to focus on hard and soft skills development through short courses by addressing skills gaps not filled by existing training institutions and make the necessary arrangements to offer relevant courses. ACBF regards hard skills as those technical skills relating to the execution of specific tasks, while soft skills relate to transferable personality traits such as leadership, communication, decision-making, networking, among others. In the short to medium terms the ACB Academy will not necessarily require physical training premises owned by our Institution. The approach will be to identify human capital development needs in African institutions and partner with existing training institutions such as the AU Leadership Academy (AULA), the African Development Bank’s African Development Institute (ADI), the Nelson Mandela Global Leadership Institute (GLI). The ACB Academy will adopt a strategy of working with global experts. It will primarily target officials from governments but will also be open to staff from civil society and the private sector interested in or working in critical areas of specialization. In addition to the Academy, ACBF also has other skills development tools, such as coaching and mentoring that will be rolled out as part of the Institutional Accelerator Model (IAM).

To operationalize the new ACB Academy, the Foundation requires a Business Plan for the academy that will position it as the premier, trusted partner for capacity development in Africa.

3. Background on AFP-TCA programme

The goal of The African-Finnish Partnerships on Taxation Capacity in Africa (AFP-TCA) Programme is to strengthen the capacity of ACBF to better serve its clientele through an efficient and economically viable way of conducting its activities. As a key part of the programme, the ACBF will be supported to develop and launch African Capacity Building Academy (ACB-Academy).

The AFP-TCA programme has three outcomes, including the following:

  • ACBF has increased organizational capacity and tools for capacity building in tax related issues, especially through leadership, digital learning solutions and an improved external communication and advocacy processes.

The key output underpinning this outcome is:

  • ACBF has improved knowledge and capacity to operate ACB Academy through which to offer training to its clients.

As the AU’s specialized agency for capacity building and given its long experience, ACBF is well positioned to achieve the expected outcome. As the ACB Academy is a new concept, ACBF together with AFP-TCA programme is looking for highly qualified consultant(s) to develop a business plan for the Academy.

4. Objective of the assignment

The overall objective of the assignment is to develop a 5-year Business Plan to support the launch of the ACB Academy in an efficient and economically sustainable manner. Specifically, the business plan should identify and assess business challenges and opportunities to guide how ACB Academy positions itself to achieve impact and long-term sustainability.

5. Scope and methodology

The consultant(s) will be expected to execute activities to address critical planning issues in the development of the business plan, including:

  1. Assess similar entities for a better understanding of the existing landscape and current business environment including how other similar academies fund their operations and activities.
  2. In relation to this assessment, identify business challenges and opportunities that apply to ACB Academy in terms of establishing a competitive advantage and a strong value proposition.
  3. Outline a marketing, branding, and communication strategy for the Academy.
  4. Assess various options for delivering the courses with emphasis on online and hybrid delivery.
  5. Assess the current situation of ACBF to determine human and organizational needs to support the Academy (organizational structure, human resources, ICT, etc.)
  6. Develop a realistic 5-year budget and propose a partnership and funding strategy that will ensure that the academy remains viable and is able to sustain its operation through fees received from clients/trainees.
  7. Develop a Results Framework for the Academy.
  8. Identify risks the Academy will be exposed to and propose mitigating measures.
6. Deliverables

All deliverables should be submitted in English. The consultant is required to produce the following deliverables:

  • An inception report detailing the methodology to be used, and workplan including timeline to carry out the assignment.
  • A draft of the business plan including an operationalisation and implementation framework for the Academy, and partnership and funding strategy.
  • A final version of the business plan and 5-year costed budget against expected revenues.
7. Compensation/Timelines

Budget allocation for the task is 45.000 EUR. The final report must be submitted no later than 15 December 2023.

The application needs to include draft work plan, estimation of work days, daily rate and estimation of other costs (incl. travel).

8. Qualifications

The Consultant should have:

  • Extensive experience working for international organizations and/or business development sector.
  • Experience in costing and revenue forecasting for such an academy or related business operations.
  • Minimum of 15 years of relevant professional experience in developing and implementing business plans.
  • Degree in Economics, Business Management, Law, Marketing, or a relevant field.
  • Fluency in English is a must, a good understanding of French is an added advantage.

The consultancy requires possible travel in the region (Harare, Accra, Nairobi) and the work starts as soon as possible.


To apply for this fixed-term consultancy, please send your application and CV in English by September 29th to (cc: Any questions relating to the consultancy can be addressed to Mr. Konsta Heikkilä (


HAUS implementing a taxation capacity sharing project in Africa funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

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