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HAUS is a full-service training institute. The HAUS curriculum covers the state administration, both vertically and horizontally. HAUS organizes open and tailor-made training programmes and courses, as well as coaching, consulting and career development services for ministries and other state agencies. HAUS runs more than 300 training events a year, with a total of 10,000 participants.

HAUS has excellent experience and a very good reputation in conducting training needs assessments and operationalizing them into practical solutions meeting the needs of the customer. HAUS runs a pool of more than 500 external trainers and experts.

HAUS produces diverse and high-level training and development services, which often consist of strategy development, change management and executive board coaching. The curricula consist of long curricula programmes and short courses, which vary from basic courses for beginners to courses for advanced learners.

Learning methods are diverse, including traditional as well as blended and e-learning methods. Participants vary from desk officers and specialists to senior management in the public sector.

Professional guidance and personal assessment tools, such as MBTI I & II, Hogan, WOPI and 360-degree assessment, are embedded in HAUS’s career development services.

HAUS organizes training and consultation in the following areas:

  • Institution-building
  • Civil service training / capacity-building
  • Public administration and public administration reforms
  • Good governance
  • E-governance
  • E-learning
  • Cyber security
  • Financial management
  • Anti-corruption
  • EU knowledge
  • Drafting legislation and EU law
  • Public procurement
  • Management and leadership, knowledge management
  • Personal assessment and evaluation, coaching
  • Human resources management and wellbeing at work
  • Project management
  • Data management and documentation
  • Data protection, GDPR
  • Customer service and assistant services
  • Communication
  • International cooperation

HAUS is a pioneer in developing e-learning solutions for adult education and training. The vision of the Finnish Government is that HAUS will be the centre for digitalized learning within the government. A new e-learning platform eOppiva has been established to serve the state administration.

Training courses on various topics are being developed within the platform. The production process is unique and involves the civil servants’ contribution in their own field of expertise.

Vocational education and training (VET) are part of HAUS’s expertise. HAUS College is certified as an official provider of education by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

HAUS College organises professional and expert studies for apprenticeship training and qualifications in the area of data management and documentation, leadership and financial management.

HAUS works in partnership with universities, e.g. regarding an academic training programme for public sector financial controllers.

HAUS services include expertise on the Common Assessment Framework (CAF), which is an easy-to-use tool to assist public-sector organisations in using quality management techniques to improve their performance.

The CAF is especially designed for public-sector organisations. Self-assessment against the CAF model offers organisations an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

The CAF National Correspondent is located at HAUS (Development Manager Aila Särmälä), and HAUS is pleased to assist organizations in conducting CAF assessments.

HAUS participates actively in several international development projects, especially through EU Twinning. HAUS cooperates closely with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs regarding the implementation of development cooperation and the EU’s structural reform support programme

HAUS has solid experience in implementing international capacity-building projects, with a track record of 33 EU Twinning projects and 40 other international capacity-building projects in the sphere of public administration.

HAUS has been a mandated body in Twinning since 1999. HAUS International’s pool of experts is comprised of professionals from all around the world who are experts in their respective fields.

Interantional study visits and seminars

HAUS organizes seminars and study visits to Finland on request. The study visit programmes are always tailor-made corresponding to the customers’ needs. The duration of the visits varies from one to three weeks.

The topics include all the areas of HAUS’s expertise: Finnish public administration, public sector reforms or any other topic related to the public administration.

HAUS is experienced in drafting special programmes to familiarize participants with Finnish public administration and good governance. E-governance, digitalization and knowledge management are also popular topics.

If your organization is interested in visiting HAUS and Finland, please contact the personnel of HAUS International.