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Interesting opportunities in Finland and internationally


1. Are you interested in working as a trainer in Finland?

HAUS has an extensive network of expert trainers especially from the public administration, universities and the private sector. N.B. Most of our trainings in Finland are executed in Finnish.

Take a look at our training subjects and competence areas here.

2. Are you interested in international projects?

HAUS participates actively in international collaboration and partnerships, and works to promote the exporting of Finnish know-how and collaboration between administrations.

We have solid experience of international public administration development projects. We have been a participant in 33 Twinning projects funded by the EU, and in 40 other international administration development projects.

HAUS works in close collaboration with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and executes collaborative development projects and partnership projects in EU member countries via the Structural Reform Support Programme (SRSP). HAUS has been Twinning Mandated Body since 1999.

We are constantly looking for new experts to join us in international projects in various administrative fields. Professional experience of three years or more of public administration and earlier experience of international projects are required.


Please send a free-form application and CV to Tuija Salmikannas (domestic operations) or Heidi Lempinen (international operations).