Jaana Kalliomäki-Adan



+358 50 593 6520

Hello, my name is Jaana Kalliomäki-Adan, a pleasure to introduce myself!


I work as an Expert, Facilitator and “product developer” in the Renewing Public Sector – Enabling Leadership training program designed for the Finnish top civil servants in the ministries, central agencies and cities/municipalities. I also have my fingers in a few other leadership programs here at HAUS, and also I operate in various coaching projects. I am currently very enthusiastic about the idea of enabling leadership (or Leadership as a Service), as well as the development of work and leadership culture with a coaching attitude and methods.


I believe in the power of positivity and good interaction not only in leading people but in all areas of life. One of my favorite quotes is from the Agent Cooper (in Twin Peaks) when he states with a smile on his face at a local roadside cafe:


“This is a damn fine cup of coffee”.


In a cup of coffee, the experience of being totally present in time and place and with the people around, crystallizes the art of presence.


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