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Tailored trainings for public administration

All of our open courses can be tailored for individual organisations in public administration. Trainings tailored for individual organisations can also focus on specific themes requested by the customer.

Tailored training programmes are always planned in close collaboration with the customer, and course contents and teaching methods are adapted to the customer’s needs.

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See below for examples of our trainings and coaching programmes tailored for individual organisations. For more information about each theme, please see the respective section.

Our administrative law training programmes tailored for individual organisations aim to provide the participants with an understanding of the regulations and norms that form the basis of sound administrative practice in Finland.

A firm grasp of legal matters relating to the European Union is also more important than ever as Finland’s presidency of the union beings in July. Understanding general legislation and the basics of EU processes is important for everyone working in public administration.

We also provide training programmes focusing on specific legal areas and legislation preparation tailored for each organisation’s individual needs together with the customer.

EU law in a nutshell

The EU Law in a Nutshell programme provides a comprehensive view of the EU’s legal system and the relationship between EU law and national law, offering insights to topics such as decision-making within the European Union, the basic principles of EU law and the relationships between various official bodies through illustrative examples. The training sheds light on the basic principles of the EU’s agreement systems, jurisdiction, choice and impact of legal foundation and execution of the EU law in Finland.

Correct legal and factual basis – the legal and factual foundations of administrative decisions and statements

Presenting the legal and factual basis of administrative decisions and statements is not voluntary, but usually required and regulated by law. This coaching programme focuses on the legal foundation of the duty to state reasons and the related interpretive practice in order to produce decisions and statements that are correct in terms of both form and content, and on how decisions and statements are presented clearly while making their reasons and motivations clear.

Applications of the law on government subsidies

This training focuses on the grounds and application processes of government subsidies, how they can be used and how they are tracked and monitored on a general level. The law has also changed at the beginning of 2019. The training is useful for getting up to date on topical matters related to government subsidies. The training is aimed towards all state bodies that grant or monitor the use of government subsidies as well as those who apply for them or consider applying for them.

Coaching for change

The aim of change management coaching is to bring change management skills up to date, and to improve understanding of the different elements of change management and of change management as a process. It helps the participants understand those who initiate change and grasp how the process can be led successfully. It also focuses on the impacts of change on both individual and organisational levels, and explores the impacts of change from the perspective of personal leadership. The specific focus and content of each coaching programme are planned together with each customer organisation.

Jurisdiction and change

The jurisdiction and change management coaching offered by HAUS focuses on general public administration guidelines and procedures that are intended to support the relocation and reassignment of personnel.

The co-operation procedure

This coaching programme focuses on themes related to occupational health and safety, active participation of personnel, hearing of participants and communication in co-operation procedures. The program is intended for supervisors working in state bodies, employee’s representatives and occupational health and safety representatives.

Argumentation and stating of reasons

This training focuses on building your message, presenting it with confidence and stating its reasons and motivations. It consists of practical and participatory hands-on tasks that explore different interaction methods and tools needed for building and presenting a convincing message. Tailored training programs focus on the substance of each customer organisation and enable individual learners to work on their specific tasks.

Correct legal and factual basis – the legal and factual foundations of administrative decisions and statements

Presenting the legal and factual basis of administrative decisions and statements is not voluntary, but usually required and regulated by law. This coaching programme focuses on the legal foundation of the duty to state reasons and the related interpretive practice in order to produce decisions and statements that are correct in terms of both form and content, and on how decisions and statements are presented clearly while making their reasons and motivations clear.

Presenting for parliamentary committees

Parliamentary committees often invite authorities and specialists of various fields to give presentations on matters currently at hand. As there are usually several individuals giving a presentation, it is important to be able to convey the message briefly and to the point, yet including the necessary grounds and reasons. This coaching programme focuses on what the expectations of the committees from the authorities are, and what is the role of the expert in the meeting. Exercises are used to provide tools for giving convincing, well-reasoned and clear presentations in committee hearings.

Good collaboration, smooth internal support and solid services.

This coaching programme, tailored for each customer organisation, focuses on internal support processes and explores the preconditions of their success. Service specifications and task priorities can also be worked on during the sessions. Further themes include topical customer cases and service team interaction coaching.

Coaching programmes for employees with managerial potential

Leadership coaching proceeds from the perspective of public administration to that of the various administrative fields and units, while simultaneously moving from general principles towards the particular and the concrete. Support and development of self-knowledge and leadership skills of each participant is an ongoing process through the coaching programme.

Course content is supported and put into practice through a rich selection of learning methods and through discussions, group work and various participatory and supportive methods. The aim is to create an active, collaborative learning process that makes it easier to understand and process the course content and supports learning through peer support.

Preliminary and interim activities that support the whole, such as reading tasks of literature on leadership, can also be integrated to the programme. These tasks and other learning methods used in the coaching programme are agreed in more detail with the customer when planning the content.

Change processes in the culture of leadership

This coaching programme focuses on leading change in everyday work and on the impacts of various kinds of changes on daily operations. The coaching also provides perspectives for using one’s individual emotions as a source of power. Leading of change depends on communication and interaction skills, which are explored through practical exercises. The coaching programme also focuses on supporting and encouraging different kinds of individuals when facing change. Coaching can be implemented with the main focus in interactive discussion and the providing of information and advice, or with the main focus on sparring and collaborative development.

Working in executive committees

This coaching programme provides practical models for working in executive committees, focusing on the role of the executive committee and the development of the committee and its individual members. Special attention is also given to how the executive committee works as a team, and how the synergies of leadership work.

All HAUS financial administration trainings are adaptable to the current needs of the customer’s accounting units. Changing and expanding spheres of responsibility in financial administration have increased the need for developing new competencies in new fields of expertise.

Themes of our training programmes tailored for individual organisations have included organisation-specific preparations for changing value added tax bases, the development of internal controls, and drafting of risk management models.

Our HR administration coaching programmes support the HR development needs and responding to challenges in ministries and state bodies. We offer coaching tailored to the needs of each organisation in all sectors of human resource management.

Personnel strategies

The key themes of this coaching programme are leadership and the defining and executing of leadership policies. The closer focus of the programme is determined carefully with each customer organisation. Alternative themes may include the allocation of personnel resources, analysis of career systems, making of conclusions and securing of competence in situations of change.


This coaching programme focuses on the special characteristics that need to be taken into account when recruiting individuals into public administration roles. It pays close attention to the recruiting process as a whole and how it is developed, best practices for recruiting interviews, and how to use personal assessment for supporting recruiting decisions.


This coaching programme focuses on successful induction processes and the elements and methods that support successful induction of new employees. It also provides advice on how new recruits can be encouraged to commit to the organisation as fully as possible, providing guidance and ideas for developing the induction processes.

Human resource planning

This coaching programme focuses on strategic organisation planning. Its main theme is the exploration of what kinds of organisational models and structures help the organisation best serve its purpose in the future. Its aim is to provide perspectives for the efficient utilisation of resources and competence on a general level: in services, in processes, as part of content wholes, in different fields of competence and in recruiting. It also focuses on the planning of operations at both unit and group level, on processes and tasks, and on expertise and learning in work.

Leading competence

This coaching programme focuses on the leading of competence as a whole. It explores various fields of competence derived from strategies and how relevant fields of competence are identified while also exploring different ways of conducting competence mapping and methods that can be used for developing competence. Other themes include the utilising of competence, sharing of competence in professional communities and tracking of competence. The exact content of the programme is planned carefully in collaboration with the customer organisation.

Project coaching is usually related to operational changes, cuts or restructurings faced by the organisation. These major changes may include changes brought about by digitalisation. Our customised coaching programmes focus on the planning, executing and assessing of change processes together with the customer, with the aim of supporting the state of change within the organisation.

Process coaching integrates the model of constant improvement of the quality of operations. It is based on LEAN thinking that seeks to optimise the use of time and resources from the perspective of customer service and results. Process coaching is often related to the development of customer processes and/or permit procedures.

We utilise our long-time experience in planning and executing training services for providing external training production services for our customers.

We know how to arrange training events of all sizes from planning to execution both in the capital area and regionally.

Coaching for work pairs and small teams

Working in pairs or small teams is an excellent method when everyone knows his or her own role and tasks, and collaboration works seamlessly. Our pair work coaching, intended for work pairs and small teams that want to improve and develop their operations, has received excellent feedback. Knowing your own strong points and development needs and understanding how they can be made to work within the pair or the team is important.

Identifying and understanding the customer organisation’s processes and project management development needs and defining the points for development are key elements of successful coaching programmes.

Project coaching can be provided for the management and the supervisors, for project managers or for members of the project group or the steering group. Coaching programmes tailored for individual organisations are planned, executed and assessed in close collaboration with the customer.

We provide safety and security training tailored to each customer organisation. The training sessions may focus on safety instructions, the physical security of premises, fire safety or how to update the safety plan. The training may be supported by activity components.

Strategy development

The coaching programmes are planned, executed and assessed in collaboration with the customer. They are intended to support strategy work within the customer organisation.

Coaching may, for example, focus on supporting the executive committee in preparing the organisation’s strategy.

Activities that can be included in the program include sparring, coaching, and other activities.