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Aiming for excellence

CAF and quality management services

The CAF model enables us to develop the operations of state organisations to an excellent level.

Self-assessment can be used to readily establish the strengths and the development points of the organisation and to build an overall picture of the maturity of the excellence of the organisation’s operations. Self-assessment is also a way of building commitment to long-term development by leadership and the employees.

CAF, the Common Assessment Framework, is a model jointly developed by the EU member countries. It also integrates self-assessment and external feedback. The core idea is constant development, learning and increased impact.

External feedback

Have you performed self-assessment and would like external support for your development efforts? Feedback gives you motivation and enthusiasm to develop the operations onto a level of excellence. We have developed the operative model to a form that is as easy as possible.

In Finland, HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd is the only service provider certified to grant a CAF qualification.

HAUS is Finland’s national CAF hub, and represents Finland in a workgroup charged with development and promotion of the CAF model on the EU level.

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