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Development and partnership

Other services

All of our open courses can be tailored for individual organisations in public administration. Tailored training programmes are always planned in close collaboration with the customer, and course contents and teaching methods are adapted to the customer’s needs.

HAUS uses a variety of personal assessment methods to support better leadership, personal growth and team work.

Our development and consultation services support organisations in e.g. developing leadership, management, and steering committee work.

CAF, the Common Assessment Framework, is a model jointly developed by the EU member countries. It also integrates self-assessment and external feedback. The core idea is constant development, learning, and increased impact. HAUS is Finland’s national CAF hub.

HAUS participates actively in international collaboration and partnerships, and works to promote the exporting of Finnish know-how and collaboration between administrations. We also arrange learning excursions and visits related to HAUS’ field of operations and Finland’s public administration.


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