HAUS 50th anniversary publication – available for download here!

Julkaistu Kyösti Väkeväinen

For half a century, HAUS has served as a developer of public sector expertise. Finnish society, including both the public and private sectors, is continuously moving towards expertise-based operations. It could be said that as an organisation develops its expertise, it also enhances its ability to develop services and operate efficiently. This applies to activities in Finland and abroad alike.

At HAUS, customer orientation is at the heart of our operations. We appoint an account manager for each government agency. Continuous dialogue with the government agencies enables HAUS to offer training and development services that meet our customers’ needs. For government agencies, our status as an in-house service provider makes the acquisition process easy and speeds it up. Thanks to our expert network and corporate partners selected through a bidding process, we can punch above our weight.

Producing high-quality services requires skilled people. Working together with our customers, our staff creates new ideas and develops new training and development services. We are a frontrunner in the area of digital services, and our agile practices enable flexible operations.

In this customer magazine, we want to introduce our customers, a few interesting people and our outstanding operations in Finland and abroad.

Download the anniversary magazine here!



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Kyösti Väkeväinen Managing Director