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Our principles of social responsibility

HAUS emphasises adherence to ethical principles in its customer relations and all business operations.

HAUS is committed to following and promoting the International Labour Organization ILO’s ¬†Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all laws and regulations relating to the protection of the environment.

Business operations and customer relations

  • Our business operations are always based on ethical values.
  • In addition to our business operations, adherence to the law and high ethical principles are reflected in the content of our training programmes and projects.
  • Requirements of sound administrative practice, transparency of operations and prevention of corruption are highlighted especially in international business operations.
  • We direct and administer international projects (including monetary transactions) from our headquarters in Finland.
  • Our relations with customers and stakeholders are based on trust. We emphasise listening to the customer and working together.
  • Our business processes and procedures are efficient and transparent.
  • Our offering is always of high quality yet executed cost-efficiently.

Acquisitions and purchases

  • We emphasise lawfulness, ethicality and responsibility in all acquisitions.
  • We require all of our vendors, subcontractors and other external service provides to follow the same ethical principles and laws that we do (full responsibility of the operative and value chain).

 Personnel and leadership

  • HAUS considers corporate responsibility a part of day-to-day leadership.
  • Ensuring and maintaining the competence of our personnel, taking care of employability and ensuring sound occupational health and safety practices are part of good and sustainable management of human resources.
  • Our human resource policies are based on the principle of equality.
  • HAUS is a responsible employer with good reputation that takes care of its responsibilities and obligations.
  • HAUS follows the early-intervention principle.

The environment

  • HAUS is committed to constant reduction of the environmental impact of its operations.
  • Environmental responsibility means understanding the environmental impact of one’s own activities. It consists of matters such as minimising all non-essential travel, and wider adaptation of video conferencing and online services in training courses and meetings.
  • HAUS endorses remote working.
  • HAUS purchases all equipment, devices and materials following the principles of sustainable development by prioritising recycling, reducing the use of paper and by favouring products that have environmental certificates and are produced ethically.