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What is HAUS?

HAUS is a corporation owned by the state of Finland under the steering of the Ministry of Finance. Our operations are governed by law. Our mission is to train and develop public administration – both individual civil servants and entire organisations.

We are an in-house service unit within the public administration in Finland. As our services can be obtained without a tender process, public administration organisations have fast and flexible access to them.

We want to help build a successful and healthy Finland. By building strong partnerships with state bodies and organisations, we help our customers achieve success.  Together, we build competence, ability and the capacity to resolve future challenges.

Supporting the objectives of the Government and building capacity through strong partnerships

We offer partnerships, training programmes, coaching and consultation based on the shared public competences within the state organisations.

Through our training offering, we support the development and improvement of professional qualifications and competences of public administration and civil servants, and help the professionals of public administration develop and succeed.

The themes of our training programmes are in line with the objectives set by the government of Finland. We actively monitor the administrative environment for changes to be able to respond to the latest needs of our customers quickly and with high quality services.

HAUS College arranges training in vocational and specialist vocational qualifications in the form of apprenticeship training financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

We offer state employees an opportunity to increase international competence through our international training programmes and public administration development projects, such as the European Union’s Twinning projects.


During their history of more than four decades, HAUS and its predecessors have evolved through different stages from a budget-funded state body to a state-owned limited company and finally to an in-house service unit within Finland’s public administration.

The milestones are:

  • 1971: State Training Centre (VKK) is founded.
  • 1987: Administrative Development Agency is founded. The agency brought together the operations of the State Training Centre and some administrative and planning functions previously under the Ministry of Finance.
  • 1995: Administrative Development Agency changed its name to the Finnish Institute of Public Management and became a state enterprise.
  • 2002: HAUS Finnish Institute of Public Management Ltd is founded.
  • 1 January 2010: HAUS becomes an in-house service unit of the state of Finland.

Infographic showing the milestones of HAUS history.