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Call for expressing interest to join pool of experts: different roles

Are you interested in international expert assignments in the ADGT (African Digital and Green Transition) program?

ADGT program is based on the MFA (Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland) assignment to develop a new approach for supporting, developing, and managing new types of EU Team Europe Initiatives (TEI) at African regional level as well as advancing Finland’s institutional capacity in implementation of African Digital and Green Transition agenda, both prioritized in Finland’s Africa Strategy and new Government Programme.

We are looking for experts for the ADGT program to assist in different tasks. The task period is mainly short term (from 1 to 3 month). We are also looking for a person for a longer-term, part-time assignment.

The suitable experts for the ADGT assignments have expertise in digital services and digital infrastructure, modelling concepts, planning digital transformation, business environment in Africa and related legal and financial expertise.

What this all is about?

ADGT program brings together digital service and infrastructure responsible actors from EU and African countries.

Are you the expert we are looking for?

Yes, you are, if you have relevant combination of following expertise areas:

  • Expertise / experience of African digital transition & transformation models (change management)
  • Expertise of solution concepting and modelling
  • Skills of program planning and assessment & motivational communication skills
  • Expertise of operational model management for EU-initiative’s (TEI’s) execution, monitoring and reporting
  • Experience and good understanding of Finnish and EU- financing mechanisms & their interconnectivity
  • Understanding the impacts of legislation and laws into programs in African countries
  • Understanding of local circumstances for digital transformation – a trusted local contact person preferred
  • Experience to act as a local contact person to create and manage local communities
  • Understanding of the impact of EU directives in comparison
    with existing laws/rules in Africa for EU Team Europe Initiatives (TEIs).
  • EU level document and communication management (the D4D Hub and its Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) and other relevant EU bodies.

Other requirements: Experience of state administration and hands-on experience of digital transformation in Africa or other developing countries.

How to apply?

If you are interested, please express your interest by email to before 11.08.2023.

Please send your short CV and indicate on your email how your skills fit to listed requirements and what is your availability to receive a potential assignment.



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